Friday, June 7, 2013

Dunedin Triathlon- Part 1

This Sunday I am competing in a sprint triathlon in Dunedin, Florida.  I haven't competed in a tri since Labor Day weekend 2011.  I am a little nervous to get back out there.
 I am still not sure if I really like tris!

1st triathlon in Orlando 2010
School ended today which meant a week of school activities and hair appointments- on top of that Tropical Storm Andrea decided to make this week a wash-out.  Needless to say I have not gotten to train as much as I would like to going into Sunday's race.  It's just a sprint so I know physically I can do all 3 and probably all 3 parts consecutively.  I just don't know if I am mentally in it. 

For one thing I really do not enjoy the swim-  I am trying.  But I am not a good swimmer- I am slow & slow.  Mostly I am over thinking the whole thing- I started going to a Master's Swim class at Cheval AC.  This has been great- I have met some great people and have swam more yards in one class than I would on my own.  It's just I don't enjoy it.  But I also don't want to give up, just because it is hard- I just had this conversation with my 4th grader about not quitting when a task is challenging.  Also I have this problem called "perfectionism" and I really struggle with not being able to do something well. 

The other 2 disciplines of the triathlon I really enjoy.  I like my road bike and think my spin classes have helped me become stronger on my bike.  I am still a little cautious when I ride but I hope to beat my bike times from my last triathlon.  Running is my bread & butter so I hope I can come off the bike with strong, fast legs.  My run times have been falling in the last year- I think it is due to my cross training plus changing my gait from a heel to a mid-foot strike.  This has allowed me to remain healthier longer which has played a part in being able to run each mile a little faster. 

Mostly I want to swim smoothly, bike safely & run fast!  I'll let you know....
I like this slogan!
Any good tri advice for a wanna-be tri-er?


  1. We have a Dunedin in NZ, I thought you were here for a moment :) good luck with the tri, look forward to hearing how it goes.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I saw your comments the morning of the race. It was lots of fun!