Saturday, September 1, 2012

9 weeks & counting...

9 weeks from now, I will be off and running 26.2 miles for the third time in 13 years.  I ran my first marathon in 1999 in Washington, D.C. and my second marathon in 2000 in Baltimore, MD.  With my 40th birthday right now the corner, I have decided to run another marathon.  With a 1 out of 9 chance of being picked by lottery to run the NYC marathon, luck was on my side- receiving the invitation & hefty credit card charge last April.  As luck would have it, my husband, Glenn, was also selected by lottery to run the marathon.  Not sure if he would call it luck- he likes to remind me that this was all my idea which in turn I remind him nicely that I will not let him sign up to run another marathon.  On November 5, I am sure we will both be happy that we chose to run the NYC marathon.

Another race is being run and the winners will also cross the finish line during the first week of November.  This race takes a lot more resolve, discipline, determination and passion than my own marathon race.  This race is the 2012 Presidential Race which Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan have chosen to compete against President Obama & Vice-President Biden.  The winners of this race will have a huge impact on the direction of our country and future for our children.

Glenn and I had the privilege to attend the Republican National Convention on Thursday night- the final night of the Convention.  Since we live in Tampa, we were able to acquire tickets from my husband's job which I was thrilled to accept.  We got a first hand look at the security & police force that protect the event attendees, the political celebrities that attended the event (we saw former Mayor Guiana in a black SUV) and witnessed first hand, hopefully, history in the making.  I had watched the previous nights on television so I was already familiar with the tone and message that the Republican Party was relaying about Governor Mitt Romney.  Though our seats were not close or even front and center, we were able to see a potential President speak live which might never happen again in my lifetime.  From seeing Clint Eastwood interview the "President" to listening to Marco Rubio's inspiring speech to hearing Mitt Romney lay out his plan for the United States, I was proud to be an American- thankful for the country I was blessed to be born in.  The night ended with tons of police on horseback forming a barrier between attendees and protesters- protesters that were peaceful & respectful.  I will never forget my night as a political fan at the RNC in Tampa.

Ready to go into RNC

Romney & Ryan- picture courtesy from the nosebleed seats

This morning I was scheduled to run a 12 mile training run.  Not too thrilled with this "challenge" since I did not get much sleep, ate chicken fingers & fries, and drank little water while at the convention so I would not have to use the bathroom.  I decided to not let these challenges stand in my way and started out at 8 am for my 12 mile run.  After a hot & humid start, I took Desi my dog home at mile 4 and headed back out for another 8.  I was very encouraged at my run pace for the next 8- logging in a 8:40 for mile 10 and 8:08 for mile 11.  Overall I ran an average mile pace of 9:51. 

This upcoming week's miles increase again with a 17 mile training run on Thursday.  Glenn is on a stay-acation so we will be able to run together- YEAH! 

I continue to remain encourage with my dedication and determination to get my runs in and stay on track to run an injury-free marathon.  My hope is that I will not lose my focus as the weekly mileage increases for the month of September.  I will definitely be leaning on the verse- Philippians's 4:13 "I can do all things in Jesus who gives me strength".  Happy running!

Courtesy of Saucony Strong Project


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