Friday, September 7, 2012

Longest run yet!

Yesterday Glenn and I went out for our longest training run.  We both had to do around 17 miles and fortunately we could run together.  Glenn is on vacation this week so we got the kids to school and headed to the trail.  After dropping Desi off at doggie daycare, we parked at the trailhead off Gun Highway to run the Upper Tampa Bay trail (Citrus Park trail).

At the start:  Gearing up with gels, water, sports drink, IPods and headphones, we started our run around 8:30 am. 

Photo: Here we go!
Before the run (I didn't take an after)
Mile 1:  Glenn has been starting out real slow when he runs so we plodded along (it felt so slow) but actually wasn't bad- around 10:40 minute mile.

Mile 2-6:  After the first mile we maintained a average mile pace of 10:30 and worked our way to the end of the trail which was about 6 miles.  I wasn't sure what we would talk about for 3 hours of running so the night before I kept telling him that I would wait to tell him stuff on our run.  Then when we got to the run, I forgot a lot of my conversation starters and was uncharacteristically quiet.  Glenn, who is not a big conversationalist, had to carry the conversation.  We recalled that when we were training for our first marathon we ran the majority of our runs with my friend, Leah.  She is a great runner and the two of us would talk away while Glenn settled in behind us, listening to our conversation.  Now Glenn and I plodded along together, trying to think of things that we could talk about- I don't think the conversation was memorable enough to blog about.

Mile 6:  At this point, we had to turn around and run back 6 miles to the start of the trail.  We "gelled" up and refilled our water bottles.  Time to start the hot run back...

Mile 7.5:  I stopped to use the bathroom.  We found a map that marked the trail miles so we decided on a route to complete all 18 miles.  Then we headed back to the trail...

Mile 7.5 to Mile 10:  I got a little ahead of Glenn at this point.  I picked up the pace, just a little- averaging around 10:20.  At this point I started to use my IPod and jammed out to some music- Black Eyed Peas, The Avett Brothers, Hillsong- my run playlist is a mix between dance music and Christian praise songs. 

Mile 10:  A older man on a bike stopped me to give me a tract about Jesus- I took it from him, thanking him and letting him know that I know Jesus.  This was followed up by a "hey baby" from another man who was biking by.  Weird!!

Mile 10-11:  At this point I was trying to maintain my pace but the heat was getting to me.  It was around 10:00 am, hot & humid.  My water in my Nathan was getting low so I was looking forward to filling up at the next water station. 

Mile 11-12:  Then it started RAINING- POURING to be exact.  It felt so good- I was so hot at this point.  The rain was like a treat from heaven.  I kept on going- not thinking about the fact that I was wearing my IPhone which probably shouldn't get wet. 

Mile 12:  I made it to the water station WHICH WAS EMPTY- NOOOOO.  The rain was still coming down and Glenn had caught up.  We decided to head to the car to unload our IPods and get some water which we had in a cooler.  At this point we decided to run 4 more miles, making it an even 16 miles.  After hydrating, we headed back out to run out 2 miles then back 2 miles. 

Mile 12-14:  Glenn took off at a good pace and I found myself behind him.  My legs were sore- definitely hard to stop then start again.  Quickly I found my legs and pushed through the next 2 miles. 

Miles 14-16:  At the turn around Glenn was feeling some soreness in his legs- I was feeling good so I picked up the pace for the last 2 miles, around 10 minute miles.  We both finished the run- glad to be done but also glad that we completed it.

After the run:  After we sucked down some more water and sports drink, we made our way back home.  First we stopped at 7-Eleven- Glenn insisted we stopped for the biggest Powerade drink we could find.  I went inside- definitely looking a little more presentable that Glenn (he sweats a lot)- and bought him a Double Big Gulp (I didn't even know they made Double Big Gulps).  I got a chocolate milk which was awesome. 

At home:  We had about 1 1/2 hours before the boys came home from school so we both rested our sore bodies and I ate 2 hot dogs (organic- they were sooooo good).  Later that night, we went to Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza for wings, pizza and beer- YUMMY!  After burning around 1500 calories, we could afford a good dinner. 

Next week:  I have a 18 miler to complete which I will do solo after dropping the boys at school.  Glenn will also have a long run to complete on his own.

In the future:  On November 4th, we will get to run New York City together and I am sure we will have lots to talk about! 

Glenn, I am so glad you decided to take on this challenge with me!  You Rock!


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