Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting Ready to Run

Ok- I was getting ready for my run today and I realized that it probably takes me an extra 5 minutes to put on all my running gadgets. 

1.  I have to put my IPhone in my armband holder and attach my earbuds, put my Race ID bracelet and appropriately position my sunglasses and hat. 
2.  When running with my Desi, I have to attach my belt-leash contraption so that I can run hands free. (see picture below)
3.  Then I have to set my IPhone to my Nike App to track my distance and time, select my music and I am ready to go.
Running Gadgets

I hate to show my age but it didn't use to be this complicated.  When I started running 12 years ago, I would put on my running shoes and go.  Sometimes I might have a Walkman for my music or set my Timex Ironman watch to track my time but that was it- I didn't feel like Inspector Gadget when I left the house.
Jake modeling the hands free dog leash

So does all this stuff make me a more efficient runner?  I do LOVE my Nike App on my IPhone.  I love to know how far I went without getting in the car to drive the route afterwards.  I love that I can listen to my music while running or a sermon on a podcast.  I love it when Lance Armstrong tells me via Nike + that I had a great workout :).  I do feel safer having my Race ID.  So more efficient- maybe, more hip- definitely.

Does my running prep time relate to my bible study time?  Yes it does-  I have the similar routine when getting ready to hang with God.

1.  I need coffee- definitely love my coffee.
2.  I have to get my Bible, journal, 2 or 3 short devotion books and pen/pencils together.
3.  Lastly I need to find a quiet comfortable place to focus on God, which can sometimes be challenge depending on the day.

Then I am ready to pray, listen and read.

I have been follow God for about 7 years.  So does all this stuff make me a more efficient Christian?  I don't think so- it can sometimes make me a more distracted Christian- one that gets a "word" from God from other sources, rarely on my own.  Have you been to a Christian bookstore recently?  You can get a book on any Christian subject you want- we can busy ourselves with books on marriage, parenting, self-help, praying, serving, devotions, etc.  But are we busying ourselves in the most important book of all?  THE BIBLE. 

This summer I plan to spend my quiet time in the pages of my Bible- seeking His wisdom through the scripture I read.  I will be asking God to show me how to interpret and apply His Word to my life. 

What is your quiet time routine?  How do you plan to stay in the Word this summer?

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