Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday night at the track

Getting ready to run a marathon involves multiple training routines.  An important component to add to your work-out schedule is a speed or tempo day.  After work on Tuesday Glenn and I headed out to our local track to engage in our first speed work-out.  I have been reading up about different tempo or track work-outs and decided on a one I found in a book called "4 Months to the 4 Hour Marathon" by David Kuehls. 

We packed up the boys- taking scooters, toys, paper & crayons, and Nook & IPhone (just in case).  We planned on doing a 10 minute warm-up, basically ran an easy mile.  The main set was 6x400, each 400 in 2 minutes with 2 minutes rest.  The warm-up went well so we headed into our main set.  The first 200 wasn't too bad- ran in right under 2 minutes.  The consecutive 200s went just as well- each 200 was run a little faster.  Glenn definitely outpaced me by 5 seconds.  Matt, our oldest, decided to run with us (in crocs).  He ended up doing 4 complete laps with rest between each leg.  Jake was drawing pictures of dragons and warriors.  We cooled down with 1/2 mile light jog.  The total miles for the work-out was 3 miles. 

Matt finishing up his lap

Matt cooling down

Jake drawing dragons

While we were cooling down, the boys were watching two young men play catch with a baseball.  The kids were fascinated by the speed and distance these men were able to throw.  Matt was able to watch how each man used his body to throw the ball- which is something Glenn has been telling him he needs to work on.  Overall it was a nice family night- one full of activity finished up with a quick swim before eating grilled chicken, hot dogs and corn on the cob. 

Glenn and I have always enjoyed sports together- it seems to help us stay connected as a couple outside of being parents to 2 young boys.  Our boys are able to enjoy this time as well and by seeing us stay active it is setting a good example about the importance of physical activity.  It is also good for them to know that life doesn't revolve around them- that sometimes they have to entertain themselves while mommy & daddy do something together. 

What activities do you enjoy to do with your spouse?  Remember once those children are gone, it will be just the two of you again.  The most important relationship outside of your relationship with God should be with your spouse.  What can you do today to show your spouse he/she is important to you?


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