Friday, June 1, 2012

Who am I following?

As I explore the "blog world" I am finding that there is a lot that can dominate my time and energy.  Just locating and checking out blogs that are similar to my own has been time-consuming enough then add Twitter to the mix and there goes the day. (Just kidding, Glenn, I really just haven't had time to iron your shirts)

As a Twitter-newbie, I really don't understand how to effectively use it.  Everyday I go on it, I learn something new.  Before I started blogging, I signed up for Twitter to enter a drawing to win a free I-Pad from Rush Limbaugh.  You just had to sign up and follow Rush and your name was entered into the drawing.  Unfortunately I did not win but my eyes became open to the world of Tweeting and Following.  It is a very unique device in social media.  I started out following a few bible study authors and my pastor.  Slowly my following list grew- currently I think I am following 11 people.  After using & exploring Twitter for a few weeks, I feel compelled to address what I see as the pros and cons of tweeting. 

Pros of Twitter:  First, it is a great way to get a message out to a large group of people.  Second, it is a great way for bloggers to alert their followers that they have written a new post on their page.  Lastly, a variety of encouraging and inspiring concise thoughts can reach more eyes which can have a tremendous impact on individuals. 

Cons of Twitter:  On the other hand, twitter is another tool that can consume people's time and energy instead of engaging in real live conversations and dialogues.  Lots of time can be wasted following other people who share things about the exercise they just completed, food they just consumed or goal they just tackled.  I am not sure if I would want to know this type of information from my good friends. Like anything in life- Twitter is better used in moderation.  Same thing could be said about blogging :)

So before I become sucked into this Tweety Little World- I am evaluating this one question:  Who am I following? 

I want to follow God- wholeheartedly and unabandoningly- but my vision of Him gets foggy and fuzzy when I have other "followings" get in my way.  My mind becomes focused on things that aren't bad but they distract me from being in tune to my God, or my kids, or taking care of my husband's wrinkled shirts.  These things are valuable to me- not if Sally Jo ran her 5 miles this morning or Susie Mae ate an organic apple with her lunch.  Now I am over dramatizing this a little but I promise to not tweet when I eat my yummy avocado and tomato salad or complete a training run.  I do promise to tweet amazing things that God lays on my heart with the hope that it will touch another's heart. 

My ironing pile
My intention is not to discredit Twitter or offend anyone that uses it for whatever purposes they see fit.  I mostly needed to write this for myself so that I vow to not make something like blogging or tweeting come between me and God- something that I started to bring Him glory can not be something that dims my light.

Do you tweet?  Have you tweeted your number one follower today?  God is waiting to here from you!


  1. WOW!! THAT is good, Jenny! You are right, we definitely need to spend time with God, and HE does wait to hear from us!!
    You might have to "clue me in" on how that Tweeting stuff works...Buzz & I have a tweet address, but don't do anything with it!

    1. Thanks Jeanie. I'll have to show you want I know about Twitter when I see you. Thanks for reading!