Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 14- Luke

Read Luke 14.

Spotlighted Scripture:  Read Luke 14:1-6

How many of you like to follow rules?  Sometimes following a set of rules can be much easier than listening to your heart or gut in a situation.  Jesus came to show us how to live the sacrficed life but he also came to stomp on the rules that were causing the religious leaders to not live merciful lives.

If you have ever read the 10 commandments, then you know that the Jewish people were commanded to keep the Sabbath holy.  To keep the Sabbath holy meant to do no work but to rest.  This law became one of many that the religious leaders would beat over the heads of the Jewish people.  Jesus wanted to put a stop to these back breaking laws then ultimately break the back of sin by dying on the cross.  This resulted in Jesus choosing to act when he shouldn't on the Sabbath, usually in front of a crowd of religious elites. 

Jesus' main message to the crowd that day was to not withhold a good and merciful act for the sake of law and tradition but be willing to step on law to help those in need. 

  • What is God speaking to you today based on Luke 14? 
  • How has rules and traditions caused you not to act when you should? 
  • In what way do you need to listen more to God's Spirit and less to the legalistic elite of our day?

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