Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 24- Luke

Read Luke 24.

Spotlighted Scripture:  Read Luke 1-12.

In today's passage, there are many different reactions to the news of Jesus' resurrection. 

First the women faithfully go to the tomb to anoint the body with spices but upon arrival they find an empty tomb.  Their confusion is soon diverted by the angels' message that Jesus had risen- what He told them has now happened.  Verse 8 says "the women remembered his words".

Second the women go to the disciples, who are hiding, to tell them the news of Jesus' resurrection.  They did not believe the women- they thought their words were nonsense.  Though Peter chose to go to see for himself- went to the tomb and inspected the strips of linen.  Peter left the tomb "wondering what had happened".

Remembering and wondering are two ways that God ministers to our heart and grows our faith. 

When we remember the things that God has done for us or spoke to us through His word, then our faith strengths and grows.  Remembering helps to develop a trusting relationship with our Father God. 

Wondering works out our spiritual muscles as well.  God knows that we are not puppets- He has given us free will so there will be times in our walks that we wonder and question what God is doing or where God is taking us.  The key to the wondering stages of our walk is to not let doubt and discouragement lead us away from God but remember all He has done in the past and press into His promises for our future. 

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